Guns N’ Roses last studio album was Chinese Democracy, released in 2008. But since their Not In This Lifetime… Tour, the band have been working on new material together. Now Slash has given an exciting update on Guns N’ Roses new album.

Speaking with Sweetwater, Slash said: “I’ve been pretty much a homebody.

“But I’ve been back and forth between my studio in the house and doing a lot of writing and recording on my own.

“I’ve been jamming with Duff [McKagan, bassist] and I’ve been jamming with Axl [Rose, frontman].

“And I’ve been doing stuff like that, so we’ve been getting some work done that way. But I haven’t been doing much else.”

The 54-year-old added: “Basically just focusing on writing new music.

“And recording demos and recording guitar stuff for Guns and whatnot.”

Back in January, Slash did admit the new Guns N’ Roses album was in doubt due to the music industry’s changes.

Speaking with, Slash said: “There’s been no definitive answer on anything and I’ll just keep to that.”

Slash continued: “Stuff is happening, but there are no specifics.

“More than anything, it’s because of the nature of the industry right now.

“It’s just like, how do you want to do this?

“I mean there’s material and there’s recording and there’s s*** going on, but we’re not really sure what we’re doing with it right now.

The outlet pointed out that the music industry in 2020 is very different to how it was when Chinese Democracy was released in 2008.

Considering the rise of music streaming services like Spotify, Slash couldn’t agree more.

The Guns N’ Roses guitarist added: “Yeah! And there’s a handful people who said, ’Yeah, make a record and go old school’.

“And there’s a handful of people that are like, ‘We don’t even know what buying a record is any more!’”


BACK TO THE FUTURE 35th anniversary has been celebrated by Marty McFly and Doc Brown stars Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Yesterday marked the 35th anniversary of the release of Back to the Future. Often considered one of the greatest films ever made, the time travel comedy spawned two sequels and is loved the world over by fans to this day. To celebrate the milestone both Marty McFly star Michael J Fox and Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd have taken to social media to celebrate.

Fox posted on his Instagram a picture of Marty playing Johnny B Goode at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance on November 12, 1955 at Hill Valley Hill School.

The 59-year-old wrote: “It’s been 35 years since Back to the Future was released… woah that’s heavy.”

Fans will know that as Marty’s iconic 80s catchphrase from the movie trilogy.

Of course, Doc Brown doesn’t quite understand when he hears the time travelling teen say it.

The mad scientist exclaims: “There’s that word again! Heavy!

“Why are things so heavy in the future, is there a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull?”

Speaking of which, Christopher Lloyd himself posted a still of Doc and Marty from Back to the Future’s time travel experiment in 1885 on his social media.

The 81-year-old wrote: “July 3rd. 1985. 35 years since the release of Back to the Future…”

Praising the film and its fans, Lloyd said: “To be a part of something so special and to see it still loved so many years later is astonishing.

“Thank you to everyone. Please stay safe – Doc Brown.”

Meanwhile, Lorraine Baines McFly actress Lea Thompson also got involved with the tributes.

The 59-year-old posted a snap of her Lorraine in 1955 followed by alternate 1985 Lorraine Tannen with the caption “Before 2020”.


PLAYSTATION fans have been given a big update about the PS5 price, and there’s plenty for PS4 gamers to get excited about.

PS4 gamers hoping to pick up a PS5 when the release date rolls around later this year have been delivered some big news. After much mystery and speculation Sony at last announced in June plenty of details about the PS5 during its major PlayStation 5 reveal event. The blockbuster PlayStation showcase unveiled exclusive games heading to the PS5, and revealed the design of the console itself and the digital-only version of the system.

But there are still some big questions fans have about the PS5 – namely how much it will actually cost and when the release date will be.

And, according to a new rumour, PlayStation gamers won’t have too much longer to wait to get these questions answered.

An alleged leak has claimed the PS5 release date will be revealed in July, with the price also getting announced then and pre-orders going live alongside it.

Which is great news for PS4 fans hoping to reserve their PS5 unit well in advance of the next-gen console’s launch.

The rumours come courtesy of Roberto Serrano, who was replying to a post from VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb about all the major gaming events this summer.

Serrano wrote: “July 13 > #PS5 price, release date and pre-order. TBC”.

One of the reasons why Serrano’s tweet is of interest is the Twitter user previously correctly revealed the date of the re-arranged PS5 event before Sony confirmed it.

When asked further about the rumoured PS5 price and release news, Serrano said there was “no event planned at this time”.

Which, from the sounds of it, means we could just be getting the announcement drop in a PlayStation Blog post instead of during a live stream event.

This would be reminiscent of the way Sony unveiled their DualSense controller, revealing the news out of the blue on a Tuesday.

PS5 release date, price and pre-order news


JAMES BOND fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement on who will next take up the mantle of the MI5 spy – and while it has long been assumed to be Outlander star Sam Heughan, he may in fact have been snubbed by McMafia star James Norton.

This year’s brand new James Bond film No Time To Die is lining up to be a box-office smash hit. With Daniel Craig at the helm as the titular character once more, fans of the franchise are eager to see how the character’s story progresses.

It has been revealed, however, that this will be the last time Craig takes up the mantle of the iconic British spy.

With this in mind fans have been poring over every detail released surrounding the next person to take on the role of James Bond.

For some time it has been assumed that Outlander star Sam Heughan would be taking on the role.

As a young, popular, Scottish man who has a penchant for doing his own stunts, he is a good choice for the next Bond.

However he may not be so lucky, as it has now been revealed the latest odds on the next Bond are not in his favour anymore.

In fact, the odds have actually swung in the favour of McMafia star James Norton.

Other than McMafia, Norton is best known for his time on Grantchester.

Leading bookmaker Coral have now released odds on Norton taking on the role of James Bond.

While Heughan was originally the favourite, he now sits at second place with 3-1.

Norton has overtaken the young star with a healthy 6-4 odds on becoming the international man of mystery.

Coral’s John Hill told “James Norton looks destined to be 007 one day.

“And our betting suggests that is likely to come sooner rather than later as he is our hot favourite to replace Daniel Craig.

Also involved in the running to be the next bond is Tom Hiddleston at 5-1, Richard Madden with 6-1, and Tom Hardy with 8-1.

With Craig’s final Bond film not out just yet, fans will have to continue waiting patiently for the announcement of the new actor.

In the meantime, however, legendary composer Hans Zimmer recently spoke to Variety about his work on the upcoming film No Time To Die.

Speaking about the upcoming spy movie, Zimmer first explained how surprised he was at getting the call.

“I’ve known [producer] Barbara Broccoli for a long time,” Zimmer said. “And we’re friends. I never thought we would work together on something like that, so it was surprising just to get the call.”

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